Three tai chi cats - Turquoise Chi, Green Geo and Blue Aqua

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Calm Energy Focus - Calm moves for kids
Calm Energy Focus - Energy moves for kids
Calm Energy Focus - Auckland Botanical Gardens

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The Calm Energy Focus Course will be published in the couple of days – until then check out the videos above.

We are working on adding captions (subtitles) for our course videos. We will have some audio described videos at some point as well.

It is New Zealand sign language week this week. Why not try and learn a few basic signs – signs vary from country to country.

We are setting up some live Zoom sessions (announce soon) so keep a look out at the countdown below for the next one.

We are working on a Chi Forward mobile and tablet app. Easy access without login in every time and notifications for new content.

Chi Forward coming out of beta testing and officially launching on the 9th March 2021.

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Chi Forward three pathways - turquiose Air, Green Earth, Blue Water

Your wellbeing journey...

There are the three pathways – Air, Earth and Water and one combined pathway – the Qi Pathway. Every video you view from start to finish you are awarded a step on the related pathway. Select the button below to view your progress along the Chi Forward Pathways.


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